Products for the discerning horse and rider

THE STIRRUP SACK -  what every well dressed saddle wears
                                         - protects your saddle while lunging                
                                           and storing.

EAR SNUGS - the perfect way to keep your ears
                            warm while you ride
                         - the ultimate ear warmers made
                           with genuine thinsulate thermal insulation!

SOAP SACK - give your horse the ultimate spa experience
                         - the fastest, easiest and most effective way to       
                           bath horses and dogs
                         - comes with a FREE trial bar of our Super Soap!

SOAP SACK TWO - made just for you!
                              - the Human Soap Sack
                              - gently exfoliates and invigorates
                              - helps soap last longer
                              - creates lovely rich lather
SUPER SOAPS - handmade , handcut  natural soaps
                                 - economical luxury
                                 - generous bars, approx 5 oz.!
                                 - the best way to reduce chemicals on your
                                   horse, in your barn and in the environment
                                                                 - custom designed to maximize your horse's 
                                                                    bathing experience
                                                                 - safe for human use

HOLIDAY GIFT PACK - Stirrup Sack plus
                                         - matching Ear Snugs
                                         - combo discount!

HOLIDAY SUPER SOAP GIFT BAG - free handmade gift tag
                                      - free handmade fabric gift bag
                                      - four luxurious handmade soaps
                                        coconut, lavendar, lemongrass and
                                        oatmeal goatmilk
                                      - ready for gift giving for all your friends
                                         two-legged or four-legged

THE POLO SACK - the perfect way to roll and store 
                               your polo wraps
                              - keeps polos handy and clean
                              - built in clip to help roll polos
                              - hangs anywhere
                              - ready to go on the road