Products for the discerning horse and rider

The Soap Sack is the perfect product for bathing your horse quickly and effectively.  The Soap Sack lets you use natural bar soap to minimize chemical usage along with being an economical alternative to the current gels and liquids on the market.  The industrial nylon netting of the Soap Sack not only cleans deep down to remove all dirt and scurf from your horse but it also provides a stimulating massage while you bathe. This durable netting is strong yet is soft on your hand and will not irritate your horse.  The broadcloth top comes in an everchanging assortment of colors and patterns.  Choose your category and let us choose a pattern for you.  After the bath just hang the Soap Sack to dry the soap and be prepared for your horse's next "spa" experience.  

The Soap Sack was created by Suzanne after one of her trips to Brazil.  While visiting the horse farms of Bahia, she noticed the grooms using this wonderful, fragrant bar soap on the horses.  It was coconut soap.  She loved the way it felt and loved the shine it gave the horses so she bought a box of the soap and brought it home.  Although Suzanne was pleased with the way the soap worked on her horses, she discovered that using the bar soap was awkward and that the soap melted quickly sitting on the shelf between baths.  As a result, Suzanne created the Soap Sack.  She and her clients have been using the Soap Sack for over six years and will never go back to another way of bathing horses! 

To go with the Soap Sack, Stately Steed has designed a line of Super Soaps inspired by that original coconut soap in Brazil.   We are including a FREE trial bar of our Coconut Super Soap just to get you started.  Super Soaps are all natural, all handmade, all hand cut - to ensure that you and your horse have the very best.  Check out the Super Soap page for more information.

The Soap Sack comes in four varieties:
     Assorted farm prints - such as horses, cows, bandanas
     Assorted novelty prints - such as florals, tropicals, calicos
     Bright solids - such as red, blue, green
     Muted solids - such as grey, black